Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The House of WIN!!!

The birds and the pigs.

Okay, so this past weekend was a family effort to create an Angry Bird cake for my oldest son's Cub Scout cake decorating contest. Many hours were put into this cake starting with its inception, research on creation, shopping for various random items, and creating. It all paid off as my son won the contest. He was very happy, and as a parent there is a special joy when you witness your child's excitement. The rules were simple; everything on the cake needs to be edible and no peanut products are to be used.

The other win was for me today. I received an email saying that I won a prize from BlogHer Inc's NaBloPoMo contest. The prize, apparently, are books from Penguin. I don't know what the books are, but it's fun to win stuff. It's been an exciting few days.

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