Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesdays Tip- Ancestors And The Weather

Our ancestors were just as concerned about the weather as we are today, if not even more so. A lot of my ancestors were farmers and in farming weather is crucial. It can destroy crops for the year, or bring a bountiful harvest. Modern conveniences weren't at hand, so a rainy day could delay walking a mile to visit a friend or going into town. Rain could delay doing laundry or at least the outcome of dry clean clothes.

If you have ever wondered about the weather and your ancestors then you might want to check out the American Meteorological Society website. They have the weather reports from 1872 to present day. I looked up the weather from November 1872 and a pdf of a map came up. It was pretty cool. So if you want to fill out your ancestor's story with some nice details, like what the weather was like on the day they got married, now you can do it.

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