Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Reflections So Far

We are now four days into 2012 and I can finally reflect a little. Today my kids had their first day back at school and I spent the day at the Tennessee State Library and Archives doing some research for a client. I'm sad to say I hit one dead end after another. Very frustrating. After looking at miles of microfilm, countless books, vertical files, and various websites I still can't find the evidence/proof I need. So it's back to square one to reevaluate. Argh.

Meanwhile, my house is in post holiday disarray, especially my office. I walk in the office, shudder and walk back out. I plan to attack it on Friday. I've been working on a master plan of organization, but it will take several days to complete and probably a trip to Target for office supplies.

As far as 2012 resolutions? I don't do New Year's resolutions. I do goal setting around the time of my birthday in June. I have found that I naturally reflect more on the past year and what I want to achieve with my life for the following year and sometimes beyond. Somehow it always feels forced to come up with goals in my holiday fogged brain on January 1st. So I'll let you know in June what my goals are.

I do know that after being consumed with the holidays for the past month (or more), I'm ready to get my genealogy groove back on. I have a big ProGen assignment due at the end of this month, IGHR at Samford to register for on the 17th of this month, my DAR application to work on, and all sorts of genealogy related reading to do. So far January 2012 is looking pretty busy.

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  1. Looks like a packed schedule, Good Luck with all of your endeavors!